Pink Polka Dot Shift for Spring

imageEarlier this year I wrote a post about modifying New Look 6095 using techniques I learned by doing the Made By Rae  Beatrix blouse Sewalong.imageWhen I saw this great Cotton and Steel polka dot fabric (from the Lucky Strikes collection designed by Kimberly Kight), I knew it would be perfect for this pattern. The fabric is called Dime Store Dot. I bought it at fabric.com where, as seen below, it is apparently No Longer Available, but it is likely to be found elsewhere and those Cotton and Steel gals have several other dotty fabrics which would work just as well.imageIn my previous post, I went though the details of my muslin making process. My first shift was mostly a great success but I wanted to lengthen the sleeves a bit and fix the gaping in front on this version and I accomplished that by doing the same tiny fold I use when I make a Beatrix blouse. It is amazing that this tiny adjustment makes such a difference but it does.imageThis was a relatively quick sew and it was worn to church today for Me Made May day 22. It was a cold, grey day here and the polka dots were a great contrast. Not much else to say without repeating my previous blog so I will leave you with pictures.  I drafted the facing using the Beatrix directions as my guide:

I was careful to staystitch the neckline and understitch the facing as instructed in the Sewalong.imageI hemmed my dress using a hem facing as I have done for most of my dresses.imageI used one row of hem stitching because the first row of stitches was pretty straight and my motto is “good enough is good enough” which is a good rule to follow in most situations.imageI used a button from my stash of tag sale buttons.imageBack view.imageI created a thread loop using Tasia from Sewaholic‘s wonderful book: The Sewtionary. I love her clear instructions and photos on so many helpful techniques.imageAnd here is the finished product. Many views because my husband was available to take pictures. This was a relatively inexpensive, fun dress to make. It feels like spring which makes me happy, even though our weather has been a bit drab.imageI am pretty happy with the fit. The back gapes a bit so I may move the button or shorten the button loop but it is otherwise quite wearable.imageWith the obligatory cardigan (still cold in Connecticut).imageI do not knit so this fall I bought a basic, inexpensive cardigan in multiple colors. I love this muted pink.imageHappy Spring! image




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