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Sewing between shifts


I am an oncology nurse practitioner at an outpatient clinic where I take care of Veterans during the week and I work weekends as a bedside oncology nurse in a busy academic medical center.  I started sewing 25 years ago after my second child was born when a wonderful sewing store opened in my Brooklyn neighborhood and I was able to take classes and learn from talented and creative women. Sewing has gotten me through some very challenging times in my life. The process of hand quilting using tiny stitches or hand piecing fabric shapes together and seeing a pattern emerge is very calming and  becomes an almost meditative process for me and taking the time to sew has helped me de-stress during tough times. I have also been lucky enough to participate in four different quilting groups over the years and those friendships and sharing of ideas and projects has been wonderful. This past winter I came back to sewing after a very long break during which I was raising kids, going back to school etc.  I have not only rediscovered sewing but I have found so many new independent pattern makers and online resources: tutorials, pictures of so many wonderful versions of great dresses, blogs. It is a new world for this quilter and I have been having so much fun making sewing a part of my life. One of the main reasons I am able to carve out time to sew despite my busy schedule is that the house we moved to two years ago when my youngest child graduated from high school had a small room that I have claimed as my sewing room. I didn’t start using it right away because I was waiting for the opportunity and funds to  repair the patches on the wall and paint the room. But life being what it is, time and money weren’t available. Last fall after 6 months in the house, I decided to just move my things in and start using the room. I covered the walls with all of my pictures and special photos. After that, the old paint was barely noticeable. I moved my daughter’s old desk and bookcase in, I found some inexpensive patterned floor mats and purchased a new ironing board which I put right in front of the window and I was in business. In the corner where a former linen cabinet had been and where the walls were still unfinished, I put up my black and white family photos, thinking that they would harmonize with the patches of plaster. And you know what? They actually do. My husband gave me an inexpensive new non-computerized sewing machine for Christmas (my preference) and I was actually set up to sew. So later that winter, when a huge snowstorm hit and I had an unexpected snow day, I searched through the attic for some fabric and plunged in. I made a dress that day and then made several more clothing items in May spurred on by all of the creativity I saw on the MeMadeMay posts on facebook and instagram.

This blog is a place for me to write about my sewing projects. I write for fun. All of the opinions are my own. Welcome!


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