A Quick Post on Finishing the Beatrix Hem

The pattern directions for the Beatrix show some techniques for creating a very finished-looking curved hem. I followed these when I made my Mudan Moss Beatrix and I was happy with the results but since then, I have chosen to use hem facings as I do when I sew my Washi and Bianca dresses as I like the extra weight that it gives the hem and I think they lie flatter. Doing them this way is quicker and I also like the contrast of using a second fabric for the hem. When I made the Beatrix in a tunic length, I made the hem facing a bit wider and used two rows of stitching as I felt it was more balanced. When I finish the hems this way, they tend to not curl up, something that has happened with my more narrow, traditional hems. I am also very happy with the look of the stitching about an inch up from the hem. Here are some pictures of the results.imageAfter many wearings and washings below.imageimageimageimageimageimage


5 thoughts on “A Quick Post on Finishing the Beatrix Hem

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