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Nursebean Reads: Must Read Books, Spring 2016

Earlier this year, I wrote some posts about my unplugged Sunday project and about ways that I have I found more time to read. You can link to them here and here. Today’s post is short and sweet. Here are my must-read book recommendations for right now.


I could not put Lab Girl down. Amazing memoir. Great writing. Unexpected twists and turns. Interesting characters. I am recommending it to everyone as a must read.


I loved Year of Yes. I had heard it recommended on the great podcast “What Should I Read Next”. I was not disappointed. I can’t imagine any woman not loving this book. I am recommending it to my daughters.

My younger daughter told me I had to read Citizen and she was right. Just read it. Short, powerful, I will read it again.


I have been sewing more but continue to find time for reading. I have especially enjoyed hand quilting to audio books and am LOVING the Cormorant Strike series by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling which I also learned about from listening to the What Should I read next podcast. Book 1, The Cuckoo’s Calling, is amazing on audio book.


The second two books in the three book series are a bit gruesome/disturbing in terms of details. They are true psychological thrillers in the Law and Order SVU mold, not usually my thing,  but the characters are wonderful and the audio is amazing.


I have been listening in my car but then get so wrapped up in the story that I end up listening for several hours straight at home. I just finished book 3. So sorry to not have a book 4 to listen to! 


Other books I have enjoyed this spring are this book which is a true story about the painter Velasquez and an Englishman who may or may not have owned one of his paintings. It made me want to hop on a train and go look at the Velasquez paintings at the Met.


I also read this book for book group. A really compelling story about a family’s experience during Hurricane Katrina. It is shocking what happened just ten years ago in this country. Very disturbing.  Five Days at Memorial, another book about Katrina, has been on my to-read list for a long time and reading Zeitoun has made me want to finally read it.


Next up, this book that I heard about on the podcast. It weighs a ton but is supposed to be a terrific read.


What are you reading and enjoying lately?


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