Road Trip Quilt

Sometime early in the new year, I gathered my odds and ends of heavy weight cotton flannel and cut up my much worn plaid Pearl shift dresses and decided to make a simple quilt for my son. I added some strips leftover from various corduroy sewing projects and assembled strips of varying lengths.

I cut and sewed it fast without worrying about being super precise and it came together quickly.

I used this charcoal cotton chambray for the back and binding. I love this fabric for quilts. I also used it for my first Tamarack Jacket. It is great for garments and quilts and I ended up buying it in several colors for future quilting projects.

I decided that I would stitch it together using big stitches in a rust colored yarn. I like the rust stitches against the grey background. It didn’t occur to me until after I finished it, but the stitching on the back and the stripes on the front really do evoke roads and highways. This quilt was made to hit the road.

My son is heading off on a big road trip and I thought this would be a great quilt to bring along for his truck. With a great book and some gas money, it made the perfect care package. (You are never too old for a care package!)

Safe travels!





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