The Pearl Shift: Perfect in Plaid

Picture of my wearable muslin of the Pearl Shift pattern by Green Bee patterns after being worn and washed at least twenty times.imageThe neckline facing is fraying due to my fabric choice and not using a wide enough strip of fabric to be able to turn it under and have a clean finish but it isn’t visible and it hasn’t affected the wearing of this garment which is in regular circulation. So comfortable, great right out of dryer, doesn’t need ironing and the heavy cotton flannel drapes well and doesn’t wrinkle too much when worn.imageIt is comfortable and cute over black leggings with boots and I have several more versions planned.  I was not sure about this pattern at first because I was afraid it might be too shapeless as a dress and I wasn’t sure if the flared shape of the hem would be flattering but then I thought about making it as a tunic and wearing it over leggings so although I normally add length when I make dresses, I made this exactly as the pattern dictates cutting between the medium and large sewing lines. I added a zipper as a design feature. I don’t ever use it, I just put this on with it zipped but I was really happy with the look of the metal zipper with the yellow on the plaid.imageThe pattern matching worked out because I made a mistake and cut the two back pieces on the fold as one piece by mistake and then cut it apart. This turned out to work in my favor for matching the plaids!imageI used some of the blue grey woven cotton fabric that I used for one of my Bianca dresses to face the hem, sleeves and neckline. I made the dress very quickly so it is not super neat on the inside. I liked the look of having the neckline topstitched about an inch down from the neckline.imageWhen I make it again I will use French seams for a neater effect and less fraying. The fabric is a thick cotton flannel bought on sale at Joanne’s which is where I bought the zippers. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth from this dress and this pattern. It even made it into our Christmas card!imageI went back to Joanne’s and bought several more yards of this fabric in different designs with plans to make more versions for myself and my daughter. I need about 2 1/2 yards to make the dress/tunic but found 2 yards of a second plaid I really liked so I pieced the sleeves. I don’t think it will be super noticeable.image


This tweedy looking fabric is also a heavy cotton flannel.

imageI plan to use this plaid for the facings on the blue tweed Pearl:imageFuture Pearl Shifts:imageThese are high on my to-do list for this winter. Great pattern! Easy but with a nice shape. I definitely recommend it.




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