The Pocket Skirt and the Voila Blouse by Cali Faye

imageEarlier this year I made two patterns from the Basics Collection by Cali Faye. They are both straightforward to sew and flattering to wear. I was inspired to make the Voila Shirt by Erin‘s versions on the Hungie Gungie blog. I made the first one in a navy blue Cotton and Steel double gauze. I cut a medium but took about 6 inches out of the width of the front and back of the shirt based on Erin’s recommendations. I was very happy with the fit. The neckline dips somewhat low and I ended up reversing it and wearing the back as the front which actually works.  The shirt is comfortable and I wear it with skirts and jeans. (Somewhat blurry picture of the the blouse with my pocket skirt below.)imageI then went on to make two more Voila blouses with leftover fabric from my quilting days. I thought these cotton floral prints would work well with the shape for summer blouses. imageI made the two blouses at the same time which went fast. I lined the bodice of the cotton versions with white cotton muslin and I lined the navy double gauze version with the shirt fabric. I took 8 inches out of the width of the front and back of the floral shirts since the first navy blouse was still very full even after taking 6 inches of volume out front and back.


imageShirt above prior to hemming.  Shirt below getting bra straps added to lining of bodice.imageThe shirts fit well and the neckline is flattering.imageI made the Pocket Skirt in a khaki green heavy cotton from Joanne’s. It worked well for the skirt and it has become a basic that I wore often all summer.image I cut a large and added 2 inches to the length. Pocket detail below. The construction is very straightforward. imageAttaching the waistband.image

I made a second version in a cotton linen-like print from Joanne’s. imageIn the process of making the second skirt, I realized that I had reversed the front and back of the waistband when I made version one and so fixed that on version 2. Ironically, the second skirt did not fit as well because the front of the Calie Faye skirt is designed with more fullness than the back and my shape is the opposite. Luckily my daughter wears the same size but has a slightly different shape and it fits her perfectly so off it went to Florida where she wore it last summer.image

imageWhen I made version two, I sewed the zipper a bit low leaving a gap at the top of the waistband so I made a button placket to hide the gap. I am happy with how it turned out.imageimageI will definitely be making new versions of both of these patterns. Things I will do differently next time: french seams on the double gauze versions due to fraying, reverse the waistband on the pocket skirt, add more length if I make it in another flowy fabric such as linen or rayon. It was fine at the shorter length in the khaki but I think longer would be more flattering in flowy fabrics.  I would also do hem facings for future shirts and skirts to cut down on fraying.


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