Where do we go from here?

Today I preached a sermon, as it has been my privilege to do these last three years.

You can link to the sermon here. https://youtu.be/89cEYHcOpb4


My topic was inspired by the Olympics and by a something Drew Jackson from Hope East Village said to his congregation last week.

I wore my Made by Rae Emerald top, blogged here. You can link to my prior sermons in this post, and this one. Last year I spoke about Making Peace With Uncertainty, a topic that continues to feel very relevant, but I really want to push us toward more action at this point. In my work with my patients, I know I can’t change opinions if I push them hard but I am sometimes able to move the needle a little bit, for example for my patients who are choosing to not get the vaccine, through empathy and trying to connect with where the other person is coming from. This was my goal here.

I would love to know what you think! Stay safe friends.


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