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Wild and Crazy Luna Pants

img_2354The fabric was Fringe by April Rhodes for Art Gallery,  the pattern was the Luna Pants pattern by Made By Rae and the plan was to  have some fun making a pair of wild and crazy pants. Houston, I think we achieved lift-off. This is a quick and easy sew. I cut the pattern pieces out last night, spent a couple of hours sewing this afternoon and was able to wear these awesome new slacks out for ice-cream this evening.  For details on how to sew this pattern and links to all of Rae’s fabulous sewalong posts, check out my first Luna Pants Post. This is a very easy sew and it was only a bit more complicated this time because I took the notion to make the pockets and waist facing out of double gauze from the Cotton and Steel Bespoke line in indigo.img_2340I think I will ultimately be glad I did this for the comfort factor but it was a pain and I am not showing the inside of my back waist because it is a hot mess. Here is the pocket in process so you can see the color. It is more teal than navy but I like the contrast.img_2348The rest of the double gauze is going to be a Ruby blouse like this one. I use my big ruler to make sure I have the pattern pieces lined up along the grain.img_2339I cut out the Ruby pieces and the Luna pieces at the same time to make sure I had enough fabric.img_2344In anticipation of all the fraying, I sewed the pockets with multiple seams. img_2351I do like the way the finished pocket peeks out.img_2350I have to say that once I put these on, they put me in a goofy mood. My daughter captured some of this as you can see below.img_2371They just make you want to dance.img_2370Which is not a bad thing!img_2359Action shot:img_2380Mid dance pose:img_2375YOU need to make some Luna Pants!img_2373So much fun. Thanks Rae! img_2383


15 thoughts on “Wild and Crazy Luna Pants

  1. Jen says:

    These look really lovely, and less wild on than the fabric alone might suggest! I like that they’re not as full at the ankle as those modelled by Rae; I think yours are a lot more flattering. Your pattern weights look suspiciously like mine!

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  3. These turned out great. When I first saw the fabric, I wasn’t so sure — but the finished product is awesome! I may have to make some Lunas after all!


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