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Nursebean Reads: Summer Reading PSA

Read these books. That is all.

I am taking a technology break so not currently posting on Instagram and Facebook but will probably keep doing a little blogging about summer reading and being unplugged. I am still reading quite a bit and have read or listened to over 60 books so far this year which is about 12 a month, so many more than in recent years.

I previously blogged about what is inspiring me to read as well as practical suggestions for finding more time to read  here, here and here, but for right now I just had to share three books I am loving right now. One in a Million Boy is an absolute must read and I am recommending it to everyone I know.

By the way, I found One in a Million Boy through @annebogel on her wonderful blog.  I was inspired to read Our Souls At Night by Lindsey Mead who also writes for Great New Books.

You can link to my spring reading wrap-up here.

Happy summer reading everyone!


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