My Unplugged Sundays

 The view from the couch on an unplugged Sunday.imageMorning light through the window of my front door at Sunrise Valentine’s Day 2016.imageMy new year’s resolution for 2016 was to keep Sundays as a day of rest. After almost 9 years of working most weekend days, I decided to do what I have to do to keep this one day a week as a day off. I don’t work and I don’t generally go on social media. It has been a wonderful treat. I have loved having unrushed time, being able to attend church regularly, having big blocks of time when I am awake and well-rested to sew, having the time and energy to go for a walk or cook a nice dinner.imageBut probably my favorite thing is waking up early and knowing that I don’t have to go anywhere and reading in the early morning quiet as the sun comes up. When every other day of the week means getting up early to rush off to work, this early morning time is a gift every week. It doesn’t ever get old.imageHappy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “My Unplugged Sundays

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