2019 sewing round-up

This year I sewed over 30 garments. I sewed 9 new-to-me patterns:

  1. The Tessuti Patterns Berlin Jacket in a boiled wool blend.
  2.  The Made by Rae Emerald Dress
  3.  The Megan Nielson Cottsloe Suit
  4.  The Helen’s Patterns Yanta Overalls
  5.  The Paper Theory Patterns Zadie Jumpsuit
  6.  The Evie Bias skirt by Tessuti Patterns
  7.  The True Bias Lander shorts
  8.  The Made by Rae Rose shorts/pants
  9.  The Sewhouse 7 Burnside Bibs


I also finished many projects that I had previously started that were in various stages of completion.

  1. A Made by Rae Ruby Blouse in cotton double gauze
  2. A Made by Rae Isla dress with sleeves from the MBR Jade pattern
  3.  Three versions of the Made by Rae Beatrix Blouse: one with three quarter length sleeves in navy linen-rayon blend and two sleeveless versions: one in a woven cotton rust/navy fabric with a wavy wide striped pattern and one in a floral cotton lawn
  4.  3 Gemma tanks with added ruffles: two tops and one dress in double gauze
  5.  A Helen’s Closet York pinafore in the same navy rayon-linen blend (I made the blouse with scraps leftover from the pinafore.


It felt great to finish all these projects. I started off sewing several years ago with so much enthusiasm that I would start several projects at once which led to this backlog. A couple of these projects had sat partially sewn for almost four years! Now I am pretty much all caught up.

Five of the new patterns I sewed this year were such great wins for me that they will be new basics. I am excited to make more versions. These were all pants patterns, something I had not really sewn until this year. Now I can’t wait to sew more.


They are:

  1. the Lander shorts/pants for which I have several cotton twills and corduroys in rusts and greens. They are at the top of my to-be-sewn pile;
  2. the Yanta overalls. I love the pair I made but the fit isn’t perfect and I am excited to tweak them a bit and possibly make a shorts version for summer. I do wear these all the time on the weekend though. They are very comfortable and are perfect for sewing because of all the pockets.
  3.  the Burnside bibs. I love the yellow pair I made and I have a more muted mossy green washed linen for another pair. I will size down because I found these very roomy.
  4.  the Zadie Jumpsuit. I got a lot of wear out of my lightweight denim version and I have a rust linen version already cut out.
  5.  I made 3 pairs of Rose pants and I have a corduroy version in my head just waiting to be sewn.

I also refashioned three garments I sewed into new garments. This was a fun exercise and I ended up with three garments I am wearing more often. I am particularly happy with the linen ruffled top and the cropped version of my double gauze Gemma tank. I will be making another soon since I wore it all summer. It goes great with my high-waisted Rose pants and shorts.


I made two coats: one, my flannel-lined corduroy Tamarack Jacket, was a total success. I love wearing it and expect to wear it for a long time to come. The second, a boiled wool Berlin Jacket looks great but I never wear it so I gifted it to my step-daughter.


I made a couple of new garments that stretched my skills. I sewed two garments with fabric cut on the bias, the Emerald Dress and the Evie Bias skirt and I sewed a bathing suit!! So cool! I plan to sew more and this one gets worn a couple of times a week when I swim my laps. And just sewing with velvet stretched my skills. And again the quilted Tamarack Jacket-all the skills and so worth the time.



Finally, I sewed a stack of lovely organic cotton Jade shirts, here are just a few. These will be worn for years to come. I had gotten down to one sad worn gap t-shirt but refused to buy more and I am so glad I held out. I wear these every day.


Here are my sewing goals for 2020. I have signed up for some sewing classes in 2020 and am excited to broaden my skills and meet up with fellow sewists in real life.

What are you excited to sew in 2020?








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